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Asteroid body-fixed hovering using nonideal solar sails [2015-03-31]
Suzaku observation of Be / X-ray binary pulsar EXO 2030+375 [2015-03-31]
Modern comprehensive study of the W UMa system TY Boo [2015-03-31]
An accreting low magnetic field magnetar for the ultraluminous X-ray source in M82 [2015-03-31]
Hints of a second explosion (a quark nova) in Cassiopeia A supernova [2015-03-31]
Magnetic reconnection acceleration of astrophysical jets for different jet geometries [2015-03-31]
The inner solar system cratering record and the evolution of impactor populations [2015-02-25]
New statistical results on the optical IDV data of BL Lac S5 0716+714 [2015-02-25]
Simulations of ultra-long wavelength interferometers in Earth orbit and on the lunar surface [2015-02-25]
Astrometry of three near Earth asteroids with the Lijiang 2.4 m telescope [2015-02-25]
A high-contrast coronagraph for direct imaging of Earth-like exoplanets: design and test [2015-02-25]
Kinematics of solar neighborhood stars and its dependence on age and metallicity [2015-02-25]
Relativistic algorithm for time transfer in Mars missions under IAU Resolutions: an analytic approach [2015-01-31]
Detecting radio afterglows of gamma-ray bursts with FAST [2015-01-31]
The THU-NAOC transient survey: the performance and results from the first year [2015-01-31]
Dynamics and collisions of episodic jets from black holes and accretion disk systems [2015-01-31]
Possible evidence of destroying small PAH particles by radiation from AGNs [2015-01-31]
Structure and evolution of magnetic fields associated with solar eruptions [2015-01-31]
Contribution of dust produced by binary merger ejecta [2014-12-31]
Sensitivity study of high eccentricity orbits for Mars gravity recovery [2014-12-31]

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