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Precise determination of fundamental parameters of six exoplanet host stars and their planets [2014-10-31]
Possibility of measuring spin precession of the nearest supermassive black hole by using S stars [2014-10-31]
Metallicity and star formation activities of the interacting system Arp 86 from observations with MOS on the Xinglong 2.16 m telescope [2014-10-31]
Fast compression and reconstruction of astronomical images based on compressed sensing [2014-08-31]
Photometric investigation of the K-type extremely shallow contact binary V1799 Orion [2014-08-31]
Double-detonation model of type Ia supernovae with a variable helium layer ignition mass [2014-08-31]
The lower limit of the Doppler factor for a Fermi blazar sample [2014-08-31]
Probing the dark side of the Universe with weak gravitational lensing effects [2014-08-31]
Two suggested configurations for the Chinese space telescope [2014-08-31]
A model of geometric delay in Space VLBI [2014-07-30]
Improved astrometry of space debris with image restoration [2014-07-30]
The influences of convective overshooting and semiconvection on the chemical evolution of massive stars [2014-07-30]
Optical quasi-periodic oscillation and color behavior of blazar PKS 2155–304 [2014-07-30]
Optical monitoring of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 and possible periodicities in its historical light curve [2014-07-30]
The broad wing of the [O III] λ5007 emission line in active galactic nuclei [2014-07-30]
Equilibria of a charged artificial satellite subject to gravitational and Lorentz torques [2014-06-30]
Relations between stellar mass and electron temperature-based metallicity for star-forming galaxies in a wide mass range [2014-06-30]
New estimates of scale heights and spiral structures for non-edge-on spiral galaxies [2014-06-30]
Solar flares: radio and X-ray signatures of magnetic reconnection processes [2014-06-30]
A 96-antenna radioheliograph [2014-06-30]

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